Study Abroad: Spain

From Atoms to Ecology, Science is Global

Every Summer, Dr. Kyle Grice (Chemistry) and I lead a study abroad program in Cadiz, Spain! Cadiz is the oldest continually inhabited city in Europe and a great setting to learn about Science and to also experience Spanish culture.

Our goal in developing the program was to create a Study Abroad option for Science majors which would allow them to learn about Research. For many undergraduates, getting research experience is quite difficult as there are very limited opportunities to work in Professor’s labs. This study abroad is a ‘CURE’ to that problem.

A ‘CURE’ is a Course-Based Undergraduate Research Experience!

Research experiences result in:

  • improved understanding of scientific concepts and better long term retention.
  • the development of new research methods/skills
  • a deeper capacity for critical thinking
  • intellectual independence
  • enhanced confidence and creativity

Within a course setting, our students experience what research is all about.

  • Utilize the Scientific Method
  • Develop novel research questions
  • Design and carry out experiments
  • Analyze data and communicate findings
  • Learn the methods/techniques of research
  • All in a collaborative team
  • In Spain!

Interested? Here’s a summary of how the program works.

Students will enroll in either the ‘Biology Track’ (led by me, Dr. Bystriansky) or the ‘Chemistry Track’ (led by Dr. Grice). Regardless of which track you are in, you will work with both Drs Bystriansky and Grice, as well as all the other students in the program, to develop a collaborative research project. The topic for your research project is pretty wide open and can be either based in biology or chemistry or it could be cross-disciplinary (e.g biochemistry). Students will be enrolled in two (spring quarter) courses. Biology track (Bio 388 and 389) and Chemistry track (CHE 397 and CHE 399). Both courses will meet each week throughout the spring quarter, where we will prepare for the two week field component of the course in Cadiz which happens in July. Applications are due to Study Abroad February 1st. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Grice ( or Dr. Bystriansky (